Apple Working on ‘Improved’ Security System for iPhone 8 That Replaces Touch ID With Facial Recognition

Apple’s solution is said to be more secure because it is using 3D depth perception, preventing it from being bypassed by 2D pictures.

Bloomberg warns that the feature is “still being tested” and that Apple could have decided to nix it, so it continues to be unclear if the iPhone 8 will indeed do away with Touch ID entirely in favor of facial recognition.

I still don’t know what to think about facial recognition. I suppose it’s easier and quicker and supposedly more secure. It all depends on how many points of recognition there are and how easily it could be fooled. The big difference would be the 3D scanning rather than 2D.

I still believe that the iPhone 8 will likely have Touch ID in the display rather than facial recognition. But it’s hard to say. Things can change quickly and at the last second.

Today’s report also includes a quick mention that Apple is testing faster displays with ProMotion technology for the iPhone 8. ProMotion display technology, which features a 120Hz refresh rate for improvements to motion and animations, was first introduced in 2017 iPad Pro models.

This would be awesome. If you haven’t seen ProMotion then this won’t seem big, but you have to see it to see how big of a difference it is. Your phone will seem much slower after seeing the iPad with ProMotion. It’s almost jaw dropping. I would kill to have it on my iPhone. This also would work well with the new animations on the iPhone in iOS 11. They have new animations of flying in and out of apps. It would look amazing with ProMotion.


Check out the full article on MacRumors here.


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