Tweeting For A Month, Reorganizing Evernote, Baby Ducks Are Growing

Tweeting For A Month

As a social media manager, Twitter is a pain point. The engagement is virtually non-existant. Even on our best weeks the engagement is still, on average, 50 times less than Instagram despite having more followers on Twitter.

That’s sort of what Twitter has become now. It’s a barren wasteland where, instead of talking to each other, most people just send out tweets that they hope to get retweeted. It’s a bunch of people in a room yelling at each other instead of just talking to each other.

Some of this is a lack of clear direction from their CEO. Jack Dorsey has done nothing to help grow Twitter’s brand. So I’m going to start a project of Tweeting every day fora month. This will help me understand the current state of Twitter better as well as understanding best practices. I’ll be tweeting from my personal account. I already tweet from my business account with very little engagement.

I hope to learn if Twitter really is just near death as far as engagement or if there is still high engagement to be had.

We shall see.

Reorganizing Evernote

I’ve been using Evernote for a while and I’ve been on Evernote premium for a little while. I like the redesigned Evernote, but there’s still something that I just don’t like. It seems like it’s too hard to get to my notes. With Apple Notes I open it up and bam, there are my notes. I feel like my notes in Evernote are in a notebook that’s in a stack that’s in an app.

I found that my problem was that I had too many notebooks. I read a post about using less notebooks in Evernote and it made sense. The post suggested to minimize your notebooks and leverage tags more. That’s how I use Day One. It would make sense to use Evernote the same way.

I’m down to about 7 notebooks from like 25 or so.

I’m going to get that down to 2 or 3 eventually. I already like it much more.

For some reason I also hate that Evernote notes have a title and then the content. It feels like splitting up my notes in to two notes for some reason. I don’t know why I don’t like it. Just give me my note, I don’t need a title.

Baby Ducks Are Growing

Remember the baby ducks at work that were born? Well not they are getting older. It’s crazy how big they’ve grown in just a small amount of time. Take a look:


Why can’t they stay baby ducks for like 6 months or something? This was like a week later.

Also, we have a blue heron at work that is like 4 feet tall. I was walking over this small bridge and apparently it was underneath it and flew away and nearly gave me a heart attack. It flew straight up to the top of the building to hang out for a bit. I thought it was going to kill me for like 1 second.




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