May 5 – Scheduling Every Minute, ESV Psalter, Braves Game Tomorrow

Scheduling Every Minute

The other day I talked about freedom in restrictions and how having more rules can give me more freedom. I just realized that one of the reasons that I haven’t been able to feel super productive most days is that I haven’t been creating restrictions. Without rules and restrictions there usually is chaos. 

Right along the time I was thinking this I got an e-mail from Shawn Blanc. Not personally from him, but from his e-mail list. Shawn Blanc, for those who don’t know, is someone who writes about productivity as well as writing about apps over at The Sweet Setup. Well he sent out an e-mail that talked about…how he schedules every minute of his day after breakfast. Here’s why he says he schedules every minute:

Why do I schedule every minute?

Keeps me on pace to accomplish my day’s tasks.

Let’s me know when I’m procrastinating.

Keeps me from dual focus: I know what I should be doing at any given time.

Gives me insight into my day-to-day capacity.

Relieves stress because I don’t have to think about what’s next; I just follow the day’s plan that I set out earlier.

So today I decided to schedule my day up until Jenn came home. It really worked. I got all my work done when Finn was taking a nap. I’m going to do this next week and see how it works. By scheduling my whole day of work out, I’ll be able to stop worrying about trying to figure out what to do next. I’ll report back on how well it’s working.

ESV Psalter

I’m a sucker for a beautiful book. That’s why I buy a new Bible every few years. I just love getting a new leather Bible with new type. Crossway is really good at making some really beautiful Bibles and books. They recently just released a new leather Psalter. It’s just the Psalms and it has beautiful type and design. Here’s a picture from their website:


I love the idea of just carrying the Psalms around and being able to write in the margins. I’ll hopefully be able to get it pretty soon. It’s not too expensive. It’s $29.99 or you can grab it on Barnes and Noble or Amazon for around $22. 

Braves Game Tomorrow

We are going to the Braves game tomorrow! Jenn and I will be dropping Finn off at my parents house and heading down to The Battery to hang out before the game. I’ll be bringing my camera so I’ll hopefully be able to grab some good photos. It will be Star Wars night at the park! We are super excited.


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