Sippy Cup, Pretty Little Liars, RNI Films

 Sippy Cup

Finn has been able to hold his sippy cups for a while, but he’s chosen not to. He will take it and hold it and flip it upside and start biting the bottom, lol. Occasionally he will drink from it while holding it, but today he really started holding it better.

It makes things ten times easier when they can start holding and drinking by themselves. I’m so glad he started and I can’t wait to see him get better.

Pretty Little Liars

So Jenn and I are picking up Pretty Little Liars again. We’ve watched a ton of it and I’ve noticed a few things.

The girls miss A LOT of school and no one seems to care. They are NEVER in class! The skip class like they were in community college. I went to both public and private school and both of them required that you be in class. These girls had to have missed like 60 days or more of school in a year. Not to mention that they never wear the same thing twice and they always have brand new clothes and their hair is always perfect. They have probably spent $30,000+ in clothes and haircuts.

Anyways, it’s a fun show.

RNI Films

This app is amazing. It’s from the company called RNI or Really Nice Images. They make Lightroom film presets just like Mastin Labs or VSCO. But so far, both Mastin Labs and RNI make apps that, I believe, are better than VSCO.

Here’s a picture of Finn I took today and the second picture is the Kodak Ektar 100 film preset with the RNI Films app. I love the result.

I much prefer to have presets that are based on an actual film rather than just a number. VSCO is moving to this, but it’s still far behind. I also don’t like having to import photos in to VSCO where they just sit there for no reason taking up extra space. RNI and Filmborn take the photo, edit it, and you can overwrite the original or save a new copy. Far superior to VSCO.



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