Microsoft To-Do, Random Pipe, Portrait Mode

Microsoft To-Do

I have to say something…I like a Microsoft app. I’m sorry. But I actually like it. Recently Microsoft announced that they are slowly going to be killing off Wunderlist and creating their own app called To-Do. They are getting ripped on ProductHunt and Facebook. It just seems to be easy to beat up on Microsoft. They are sort of like the nerdy kid in school: he’s useful, smart, but a little ugly. It’s easy to make fun of them.

But I have to say that I believe that these people are wrong. To-Do is a great looking app. It’s simple, well designed, and functional. I really like it. I’m going to give it a go and write up a little mini-review later.

Screenshot 2017-04-28 17.30.27.png

I think people are just upset that Wunderlist is finally going away. That part I understand.

Random Pipe

Anyone understand pipes? Our townhouse has a random pipe that comes out of the ceiling in our second bedroom. They assured us that it would never drip. Guess what? It’s dripping.

The good thing is we will be out soon anyways. There’s just no way that having a pipe stick out of the ceiling is up to code…

Portrait Mode

I cannot stress how amazing Portrait Mode is on the iPhone when you have good lighting. I used to have the setting on where you keep both the Portrait Mode photo and the original, but I found I never used the original. So now I just save the Portrait Mode photo. The results are amazing. Take a look at a few pictures of Finn using Portrait Mode with some light shining in. I edited these using the RNI Films app.


IMG_4100 2.JPG

Edited using RNI Films app on iPhone.


Edited using RNI Films app on iPhone.



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