Getting Things Done, Mindful Minutes, WordPress Updates, Bob’s Burgers.

Getting Things Done

I’ve read David Allen’s Getting Things Done book several times. I love it. I love the whole method of GTD. It’s actually insanely complex, but there’s one aspect of it that I use all the time. His first step is to get everything out of your head and on to your paper, or app. So anything you’ve been thinking about at all: digitizing VHS tapes, taking out the trash, checking the oil in the car, finally picking up basket weaving; get it all out.

Once I start getting everything out of my head and in to my todo app, things get easier. The burden has been lifted and now I can just check my app to see what needs to be done. It’s one simple, small, step, but it has huge dividends. I stopped doing that for a while and just picked it up when I redownloaded Omnifocus the other day. I was using Todoist, but there’s something about Omnifocus’ design that I just love. It’s simple, but can be complex. Since I’ve started using Omni again I’ve gotten way more things done.


I love using Omnifocus. It’s super simple when I need it to be, but complex enough to handle anything.

Mindful Minutes

I can’t tell you much mindful minutes has helped me. I’ve read tons of articles and a productivity book that mentions how just taking a few minutes to breathe and focus on your breathing can “hack” (remember that buzzword from 2015?) your brain in to being more focused.

It’s certainly helped me. The tough part can be finding a quiet space. During lunch I’ll hop over to my parents house which is usually empty and I’ll get about 5 minutes of breathing done through the Breathe app on the Apple Watch. It’s huge boost.


If you have an Apple Watch and you ignore the little Breathe notification that pops up…stop. Use it. It’s such a big help during the day.

WordPress Updates

I normally hate WordPress. Their backend is complicated and annoying. Once you use Ghost and Svbtle, everything seems complicated. Those are the most simple backends of any website builder out there. Svbtle, of course, has no site builder. You upload a logo and choose a color. That’s it. Simple, but sometimes too simple.

Well WordPress has done some work. It’s a much more refreshed design so far. I really like it. I’m using the free WordPress.com instead of WordPress.org because I don’t really need the .org updates yet. Maybe soon, but not now.

I also will spend a week or two actually picking a reasonable theme to settle on. I nitpick on everything.

Bob’s Burgers & Downton Abbey

Bob’s Burgers is one of the best shows on television that a lot of people haven’t seen. Every now and then they will pattern an episode loosely off of a movie or something. This week they did a Downton Abbey episode. Bob and Linda won a weekend at what they called “The American Downton Abbey” house. It was a LARP or Live Action Role Play.


Each person was given a role to play and they were in character the whole weekend. Sounds fun. Unless of course you are chosen to be the help instead of the “upstairs people”. It turns in to a sort of Stanford Prison Experiment scenario and it’s super funny. Definitely a fantastic episode. Check it out for sure if you haven’t seen it.


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